About Us

About Slate Healthcare

Slate Healthcare is about finding the perfect fit. Hassle-free and quality service for both healthcare professionals and facilities.

Our Mission

Slate Healthcare is driven by a mission to deliver exceptional healthcare staffing solutions to our clients while empowering our nurses to reach their personal and professional aspirations through travel nursing. Our dedication lies in offering clients the pinnacle of service, facilitated by proficient and empathetic healthcare professionals committed to enhancing patient outcomes. We aim to establish client partnerships as a reliable collaborator, while simultaneously leading the travel nursing industry by offering nurses unparalleled opportunities, upheld by our core values of integrity, personalized care/compassion, and respect. At Slate Healthcare, our focus is on achieving the ideal match. We prioritize providing seamless, top-quality service that benefits both healthcare professionals and facilities.

What We Offer:

For Healthcare Facilities: Our committed staffing experts operate with a singular goal - to bring about positive change and supply proficient professionals with exceptional care.

For Travel Professionals: As your trusted collaborator invested in your growth, we are dedicated to uniting exceptional healthcare institutions with skilled professionals who consistently excel. This synergy leads to heightened efficiency and exceptional quality of care.

Our Core Values

Integrity: We operate our business through transparency, honesty, and humility. We do what is right by delivering standard of excellence in everything we do.

Personalized Care: We believe that the human connection between nurses and patients leads to exceptional patient care. Likewise, our personal attention to nurses transforms them into exceptional professionals. Our in-house advisors provide the services you deserve – never outsourced.

Partnership: At Slate Healthcare, healthcare professionals are not just resumes, and our facility clients are not just customers. We take pride in forging meaningful connections that endure beyond placements.

Diversity: We recognize that a diverse team is essential for success. Embracing different perspectives fuels innovation and fuels our growth.

Commitment/Dedication: Adaptation and accountability are fundamental to our ethos. They have propelled us to our current position, cultivating loyal relationships with healthcare professionals and clients. We're committed to honing our craft, offering top healthcare jobs, and linking quality professionals with clients for superior care.

Caring: Your satisfaction and happiness are paramount. Your dedicated advisor always prioritizes the needs of nurses and clients, guiding you every step of the way.

Positive Culture: Our compact yet robust department teams foster open communication, cultivate curiosity, and bridge the gap between strategy and execution. This collaborative approach enhances the quality of our work and promotes a healthier work-life balance.

Respect: Listening and ensuring your voice is heard demonstrates our respect for healthcare professionals and clients. Reliability, consistency, and the highest integrity underscore all our actions.